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I'm Miles, and this is my website. If you're looking for stuff I a) make, b) say, c) post, or d) all of the above, then you are in the right place. High fives! If you want to know more about me in a more biographical way, there's a thing down below. If you're not looking for any of those things, then you're a) in the wrong place, and b) probably a pretty wack individual, I'm sorry to say.


This is my face right here

Hi there. I noticed you are on my website. You are probably wondering, "Who is this Miles Grover fellow? What's all the hubbub about? Why can't I get any answers??"

Well chill your horses for a minute and let me tell you! Miles Grover is basically me. I'm a guy. I live in Seattle, but I'm originally from the east coast. Pink is my favorite color. I was raised by a coven of rogue unicorns. That last part might be a lie.

For my job, I work at Microsoft doing UI coding and design. I'm also really into language and writing and the poetics of jokes and drawing and making comics and polysyndeton and inventing new emoticons. ,':Y